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Dark Mode


Websites that provide a dark theme.

Ideally they would respect prefers-color-scheme: dark.

Site Supports Notes
DuckDuckGo [x] theme selection
GitHub [ ]
Google [ ]
Hacker News [ ]
Gmail [x] theme selection
JSFiddle [~] became dark after disabling the ad-blocker?
Lobste.rs [ ]
Nomadlist [x] respects prefers-color-scheme
Notion [x] manual toggle
Reddit [x] manual toggle
StackOverflow [ ]
Twitter [x] manual toggle

Browser extension

For all the sites that are not supported: https://darkreader.org/

Browser Support


Out of the box


Ships since Firefox 67.

The feature is disabled if the privacy.resistFingerprinting option is set to true.

To force a value, create a new entry in about:config.

If you would like to have a quick method to toggle that setting as an add-on, you can also install this Firefox add-on.


< EOF >
       \     (\/)
        \   (_o |
             /  |
             \  \______
              \        )o
               /|----- |
               \|     /|