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Dark Mode

Dark Mode is an idea promulgated by Apple; invert the theme to use a dark background and light text instead.


Websites that provide a dark theme.

Ideally they would respect prefers-color-scheme: dark.

Site Supports Notes
DuckDuckGo [x] theme selection
GitHub [x] respects prefers-color-scheme
Google [ ]
Hacker News [ ]
Gmail [x] theme selection
JSFiddle [~] became dark after disabling the ad-blocker?
Lobste.rs [ ]
Nomadlist [x] respects prefers-color-scheme
Notion [x] manual toggle
Reddit [x] manual toggle
StackOverflow [x] respects prefers-color-scheme
Twitter [x] manual toggle

Browser extension

For all the sites that are not supported: https://darkreader.org/

I noticed that this extension can take quite a bit of CPU. I assume it is needed to calculate the inverted colors.

Browser Support


Out of the box


Ships since Firefox 67.

The feature is disabled if the privacy.resistFingerprinting option is set to true.

To force a value, create a new entry in about:config.

If you would like to have a quick method to toggle that setting as an add-on, you can also install this Firefox add-on.


Add the line c.colors.webpage.darkmode.enabled = True; to config.py, then restart qutebrowser (e.g. by running :restart in the qutebrowser prompt).


Navigate to chrome://flags/, then enable the flag #enable-force-dark, then relaunch Chromium.


< EOF >
       \     (\/)
        \   (_o |
             /  |
             \  \______
              \        )o
               /|----- |
               \|     /|