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Nix Friday

When planning for the “how to read Nix expressions” course for NixCon, I expected to have a small turnout. Maybe 4-10 people maximum. This was a second track, not very well advertised. So imagine my surprise when the room filled up completely!

This made me realize that there is actually a need to teach Nix directly. Without reading the manual, asking questions on Discourse and all the other resources available.

So this project is an experiment to see if I can reproduce the NixCon experience online. That way we don’t have to wait another year :)


Since I have never done this before there is probably a lot to learn on my side as well.

The current idea is to invite 1 student per teaching lesson to get that interactive classroom feeling. It might work with more but online is a bit different. There is lag and less clues that make it more likely to step over each-other. So let’s start with one.

The whole course is streamed and bystanders are welcome to comment in the chat, and we will try to pick those questions up as well. Ideally this would be the task of the student as I will already be busy thinking and speaking but we’ll see.


I wanted to try out Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/zimbatm/


Every Friday. The timeslot will vary depending on availability and timezone of both participants.

How to participate

I need students and topics!

  1. Send your topic suggestions and timeslot availabilities to nix-friday@zimbatm.com.
  2. Wait for me to contact you back with a time slot.
  3. Be available 20min before the start time for some final preparation.

NOTE: your voice will be re-streamed and recorded. Video is optional.

Topic ideas

Bring a problem that you want to solve or topic that you want to learn about.

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