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A few personal notes about writing skills

Don’t use the works just

This assumes too much of the reader. It make things sound just easy, which might not be the case for the reader. I just find that it’s generally more helpful to state things as they are without the just weight added to it.

Avoid the term but

I noticed that that term is often used when the writer either doesn’t have good communication skills or her idea is not very well formed.

When trying to communicate ideas

Usually this term is being used with a simplistic black and white vision of a This term tends to be used in

Some times it’s possible to replace the term but with and

Avoid your / we

This supposes a personal relationship with the reader. Since I am not a good writer and write technical articles, I prefer to stick to describing the subject instead of mixing identities.


Once you finished installing the package


Once the package has finished installing

TODO: add more examples

< EOF >
       \     (\/)
        \   (_o |
             /  |
             \  \______
              \        )o
               /|----- |
               \|     /|