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Hi, I am zimbatm on the Internet. If you see a zimbatm on a website it’s probably me. Nobody else has thought that this was a good nickname to pick for some reason that escapes me :p

Yes, I have a Kongregate account and other ridiculous places.

In general I like to build things. Mostly software because I am too lazy to get off my butt. Why go out when there is this perfectly reasonable interface to the world?

This website

This website is an experiment that combines vimwiki with github pages to maintain a personal diary and wiki. For more info, see the README page.

I used to worry about permanent URLs but not anymore. Make sure to scape the hell out of the website if you want to keep some information!

No analytics or tracking cookies here. Enjoy one of the last corners of the free Internet!

Contact me

If you want to reach me, @zimbatm on Twitter, GitHub and Mastodon, send an email to, you guessed it, zimbatm@zimbatm.com .

My GPG key fingerprint is 2603 53B9 93F8 CE16 752E F48C 71BA F6D4 0C1D 63D7 and retrievable using WKS.

The median response time is around 24 hours but can trail up to a week!

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