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Writing software as a lazy programmer is all about looking at the landscape and finding the minimum amount of work to achieve a certain goal. Look at what exists, find a path and connect the lines. The more you know an ecosystem the more it’s possible to find unexpected and creative solutions.

The best thing about that process is that sometimes you find a gem. Something that some more principled developers would quickly dismiss as being hacky. But actually it takes some genius (or madness?) just to have had the idea to do it. Just like some movies are so bad that they become good, some software are so unexpected that it makes my senses tingle.

So this page is about celebrating these gems. Please don’t take this too seriously :smile: .


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This a joint project with @roberth and me. We were going crazy at a customer’s and this spaked some creativity.

Shab is turning bash inside out to make it a templating language just like PHP. The meat of the project is only 6 lines of code. And it’s useful!

Check it out: https://github.com/zimbatm/shab


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