E-voting is a solution for what ?

In this little rant, I’m going to argue that e-voting is not a good idea. Feel free to contact me if you have some good arguments.

First, let me put the ground of certain assertions. Voting, with other things, is at the root of our democratic process. And the idea behind democracy, is that it’s the persons who can vote who governs. Politicians and officials are at the service of the majority. I know it sounds utopic, but this is the definition of democracy. From that statement, follows that:

Voting should reflect the view of the majority

To make that statement clear, the primary goal of voting, is to make sure the majority has it’s voice reflected.

How “old” voting works

The paper voting system is a big map-reduce system, where people are involved in all tasks. Each local voting bureau gets the votes, collects and counts them. Then each result is aggregated higher, until we have a big total of all votes. This makes the final score, which should lead the politicians.

In the whole process, people are involved. This is the major factor that limits fraud. (People who study sociology, can you give me some informations here ?). I believe that the more people involved, the less fraud you have. The more eyes can watch the process, the less likely somebody is going to take the risks to get caught.

Hammer time

Along, comes the technician. I am a software developer so I know how it works. The “problem” should be resolved by technology ! Add layers of security, quantum cryptography, digitally sign the binaries, open source the code. Anything.

No matter how much technology you throw at the “problem”, you miss the central feature: the system is less understandable. Less people can look at your system and say if it’s rotten or not. You’re making the system much more fragile to fraud.


Maybe you noticed I didn’t go into other arguments, like price savings, ecology by saving paper, participation factors, and so on. In my opinion, those don’t even hold when what you loose is the democratic process. So do yourself a favor : protest and let your voice be heard, before it’s too late.

PS: I’m open to criticism and will update the article if you have something to say