Mail over IP

Idea is a new category where I put good and not so good ideas that you can use to start a business. If I had the time, I would try each of these ideas. But since I don’t, just let me know if you use one of them, I’d be curious how it turned out.

As a first entry, let me introduce you “Mail over IP”. The title almost resumes the whole idea. Provide a mean to distribute phyical letters to people, and reversely, numerize letters to emails.

Here is one of the variation on the subject:


Some companies want to send tons of phyical mail to people. Instead of printing all those letters out, and sending them from the company’s location, provide a shortcut, so that letters can be printed in localities of the target person. It can thus be delivered faster and cheaper.

You can start with 1 letter format, company logos will have to be printed, and not wit gold ink. Then expand your offering. See lulu, they did the same, but for books.

Because the customer doesn’t have the physical result in hand, there will be more cases of people sending unwanted/malformed messages to the recipient. One way of mitigating that risk is to send a sample mail to the customer, so that he can confirm the design and content.

I’ll update this page if I have more ideas on the subject