2022, the year of writing

Updated at
Jan 5, 2022 2:09 PM
Published at
January 5, 2022

A real developer should write their content in a markup language, commit and push it with Git, and then use a Static Site Generator. That's how a developer is supposed to handle their personal website, and that's how you know they are good... Right? For the longest time, I have been stuck mentally with this idea.

The problem is that writing is a messy process. Especially when my ideas are unclear, and it takes many small iterations before I get to a point where I am satisfied with the result. And I do not even claim that my writing style is good.

The point is that Git creates too much friction. I do not care about writing commit messages. It's awkward enough to share my ideas with the world. And now I have to worry about sharing my inner workings on top?

Markup languages also add too much friction. Why do I have to remember how to describe a table, properly nest bullet points. Writing needs to be as free as possible.

So for 2022, I am trying something new. I imported all my pages into Notion.so, slapped Super.so in front of it, and voila, I have a dynamically editable website. There are a few drawbacks, like the lack of an RSS feed and no page redirects (DM me, I have a solution for that), but so far, it's working quite well.

At least that is the theory. Let's see what happens in reality.