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Debugging session Jul 24 2014

Since a couple of days I am having issues compiling programs that is using the autotools generated ./configure script. This time I decided to record the steps along. Hopefully it will be useful to somebody else.

First symptoms

$ brew install e2fsprogs...

SSL ruby fix Nov 21 2013

This is just a short post that explains how to fix missing CA certificates in ruby. If you even have issues with SSL the solution is NOT to disable SSL.


Instead fetch the cacerts once:


GitHub Pages on a naked domain Mar 23 2013

This combo: you have GitHub Pages on your own domain. On the DNS side you need to point a record to yourusername.github.com but because CNAME cannot live on the same level as your other DNS entries you have to use a subdomain like www and the redirect...

.at domains warning Aug 17 2012

Update 1: Some interesting discussion is happening over at HackerNews

Update 2: Gandi.net now works around the NIC.at policy so you’re safe of buying .at domains there again.

Before renting an .at domain, make sure that you still own a FAX.


Google, please don’t close up the web Mar 10 2012

Update: Yes Google+ is indexable if your bot knows how to interpret JavaScript. I still think it’s a bad idea ; not only multi-million companies should be able to scrape the web.

Update2: Google Groups now accepts views in incognito mode. Are you...

Mail over IP Dec 11 2010

Idea is a new category where I put good and not so good ideas that you can use to start a business. If I had the time, I would try each of these ideas. But since I don’t, just let me know if you use one of them, I’d be curious how it turned out.

tmux to manage your server Dec 5 2010

Today I discovered tmux, a GNU screen-like application. It allows you to keep your console sessions alive and manage multiple shells in the same window. Check out the website to get an idea: tmux.sf.net

What’s really neat about it, is that even if...

E-voting is a solution for what ? May 13 2009

In this little rant, I’m going to argue that e-voting is not a good idea. Feel free to contact me if you have some good arguments.

First, let me put the ground of certain assertions. Voting, with other things, is at the root of our democratic process...

Implicit versus explicit return May 13 2009

I’m doing a bit of python right now, trying the Google Appengine .

Going from Ruby to Python is not really hard, they have lots of things in common. One error that got me, is that in Python, all return values are explicit. So instead of writing :

[SOLVED] Terminal.app Unicode problem v2: Alt+Space Apr 16 2009

Apparently, Alt+Space is another character than Space in Terminal.app. Both have the exact same representation but don’t have the same character code. I have no idea what it is useful for but it is annoying because I often hit it inadvertendly when...